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12 of the Worlds Worst Jobs

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Are These 12 of the World's Worst Jobs? Think you're having a bad day at work? We've taken a look at some of the more "interesting" jobs out there. We can all be forgiven for complaining about work from time to time. Whether it's that colleague you might not get on so well with or the continuous mountain of work you seem to get landed with. Next time, spare a thought for the sewer swimmers and armpit sniffers of this world. Your day might not seem that bad!


1. Sewer Swimmer

In Mexico City, the complex sewer system is kept running by fearless maintenance workers, who often have to dive right in to put things right. The bold bunch have to swim through human waste, animal corpses and seas of rubbish, all in sweltering heat. Thankfully, computers with smell aren't a thing. Yet.

sewer swimmer

Image source


2. Street Ear Cleaner

Meanwhile, in India, professional ear cleaners are a thing. You'll find these dedicated diggers on the streets of many towns and cities. Armed with metal tools and cotton wool, they'll overhaul earholes for a few pence a pop. Let's hope they don't pop any ear drums with their sharp tweezers and needles

street ear cleaner

Image source


 3. Head Lice Assassin

Head lice and their nits are the bane of many young families' lives. Once they take up home on your head, they can be very difficult to move on. But with the help of the plucky 'Lice Assassins' at private London clinic The Hair Force, the parasites are sent packing. They might wear bandanas, but we reckon they still feel a tad itchy when they get home.

head lice

Image source 


 4. Pest Controller

Whether its killing cockroaches or razing rats, the work of a pest controller is never easy. The worst job of the lot though? Probably wasps, which often build enormous nests in attics. Because everyone wants to hang out in a confined space with a load of angry wasps.

pest controller

Image source


 5. Irritating Mouth Ulcer

Just imagine: you've always wanted to make it as an actor and then finally you get the high profile gig that's going to get you seen all over the country: a starring role as the Irritating Mouth Ulcer

mouth ulcer

Image source 


6. Feet Fixers

From verrucas to ingrown toenails, chiropodists make it their business to fix feet. Which is all very well, but we can only imagine some of the smells and sights they're faced with on a day-to-day basis. Some overcome the smell issue with a slick of vapour rub under the nose. Sadly, it's not so easy to stop yourself from seeing the feet. Unless you close your eyes, which is never a good idea when you're holding a scalpel and a stranger's foot.



Image source 


7. Pet Food Taster

Brave people like Simon Allison test pet food to make sure it makes the grade before pets have to eat it. Does the fact that he doesn't swallow the stuff make it just-about OK? He doesn't swallow the stuff. He spits it out. And chews gum afterwards. But still...

 pet food taster

Image source


  8. Festival Litter Pickers

Some people would do anything to get a free ticket to a music festival. Take being a litter picker at Glastonbury, one of the world's biggest. How hard can it really be? Ask the hundreds of volunteers who have to rise before the other revellers and trudge through the mud, or worse still, stick around when everyone else has left and deal with scenes like this. . 


Image source 


9, Portaloo Pumpers

What's worse than using a Portaloo? Cleaning one out. Anyone who's ever attended a music festival and bravely ventured inside a plastic lavatory knows that they contain all manner of horrors. Spare a thought for the cleaners who have to muscle in with a pipe and vacuum it all out. 


Image source 


10. Grave Digger

Imagine spending hour upon hour on the back-breaking task of digging a hole, in the knowledge that it will soon house a dead body. Cheery stuff.

 grave digger

Image source


11. Armpit Sniffer

Well, come on: who do you think tests whether your deodorant works before it goes on sale?


Image source 


 12. Children's Holiday Mascot

We know that beneath the fur fabric and despite the 30-degree heat, you're grinning just like the crocodile. Or dragon. Or whatever that is.  

Image source 

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