The Complex Landscape of Talent Attraction and Retention

Talent are the pulse of all successful businesses and with talent at a premium and technology changing the landscape of how we do business, getting to your customers is becoming more difficult particularly where the channel mix is getting more complex and fragmented the business landscape is more diverse and complex than ever before.

Key to any company’s success is innovation and that innovation comes from their talent. The average lifecycle of a job is now between 12months to 3 years, and talent is much more accessible. Forbes magazine recently quoted that over 76% of full time employees are either actively looking for a job or open to new opportunities. With this in mind make sure that your 2017 strategy for talent attraction and retention is current, appealing and engaging to your existing and potential talent audience.

Key Trends for 2017 for companies

Key to a successful talent plan is the experience a potential employee has of your organisation on line. Before deciding to engage with an organisation the average job seeker will have 18 touch points with your brand online and you haven’t even spoken with them yet.

Make sure build your talent pipeline for your future not your current strategy

When mapping out your talent pipeline it is key to ensure that you are focused on medium and long term strategy goals so that you are attracting the right talent that can help to future proof your business. Key to this talent pipeline is marketing, use marketing to spread the word and engage your audience before they even know they want to come and work for your organisation.

Let the world know what you do well and how important your company values are to your organisation

Make sure that your company’s value proposition is easily found and transparent for all to find. Be sure to talk about your CSR programmes and give a prospective employee a real holistic feel of your organisation.

Don’t forget your existing employees

You can’t reiterate enough your company culture, values, strategy and achievements, the internal employee can’t be ignored, be sure to remind them of all the great things in the business as we all know “eaten bread is soon forgotten” so make sure to feed them consistently.

Keep potential candidates engaged all through the process

Creating an excellent candidate experience will be the corner stone to your talent attraction success, be sure to invest in good technology and have a clear strategy as this is one of the biggest turnoffs for candidates and stops them reapplying for role in your organisation.

Drive Performance in Real time

More frequent performance chats keeps you current with your employees, engage them more frequently to empower them to be successful quicker. This real time way of working allows you to catch early signs of disengagement. Be sure to litmus test your employee’s engagement by frequent feedback sessions.

Make sure your business environment fits today’s working world

Business attire is now become much more casual; make sure you stay current for your industry. Also working environments have become more collaborative and flexible, having suitable surroundings and having flexible working location arrangements and supporting technology will keep talent engaged and empowered.

Workplace Wellness of your Employees

Workplace wellness themes again very heavily for 2017 and it is a significant attraction point for prospective talent. Stress is one of the biggest challenges every employer has to manage today and giving employees an environment to manage that stress is essential.

It’s not always about Permanent employment

When hiring, be very open to how an employee can contribute to your business, a subculture of contingent workforce otherwise known as the “gig” workforce can contribute to your organisation. Look at alternative hiring models to ensure that you are opening yourselves up to the best talent in the market.

The biggest asset you have to attracting top talent is the talent you currently have; they are your best brand advocators and can play a huge role in future proofing your business by attracting like-minded people.

Be very open to a diverse workforce, think global talent pools not local talent pools.

Keep your strategy simple, focused and engaging and world of talent is at your door.


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