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2016: The Year Of The Counter Offer

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“I’ve lost the last 7 Candidates I have offered to either a counter offer from other companies or counter offers from their existi [...]

The Importance of Personal Brand for a Digital Hire

By | October 25th, 2016|

“A personal brand is your distinct talents and what you represent. It’s what people say about you when you’re not around, and how [...]

Social Recruiting is The Only Way Forward

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The Rise of Social Recruiting The way in which we communicate on a day to day level is changing, with a huge push towards social [...]

Infographic: Why Move To Ireland

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Why Should I Work in Recruitment

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Why Ireland is a great place for Java developers

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Engineers Abroad – Why It’s Time To Come Home!

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Culture Fit Matters More and More in IT Recruitment

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Quiz: Do You Have The Personality For Recruitment?

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The Importance of a CV when trying to secure a 1st Interview

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How to Impress at your Technical Interview

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Quiz: Have You A Money Making Personality?

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Infographic: How To Dress For Interview Success

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Why Work at Next Generation

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Job or Career: Which Do You Want?

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How to Land your Dream Job

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Should I Become a Contractor?

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How To Approach A Performance Appraisal

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14 tips to remember when attending a job interview

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4 Tips For Returning To Work After a Holiday

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Personality Traits of Successful Sales People

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No Second Round Interview: Should I Be Worried?

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Motivate Yourself During your Job Search

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The job search process can be long with highs and lows, so we look at ways in which to motivate yourself during your job search! H [...]

How to Successfully Work From Home

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Almost half (44%) of employees in Ireland work from home at least one day a month according to an O2 survey. Ireland's mobile work [...]

Infographic: Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

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The Need For Talented Supply Chain Candidates

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How to Ace Your Job Interview: 9 Top Tips

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How To Resign Professionally

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How to Quit Your Job Like a Boss – 12 Wild (and Viral) Resignations

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Marketers Wear Many Hats!

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12 of the Worlds Worst Jobs

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The Ultimate Guide to a Skype Interview

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