A New Career Journey – Taking it to the Next Level

The other day I was conducting a phone screen with a potential recruitment consultant. After discussing the usual things – experience, why recruitment, salary, notice period etc. I asked if they had any questions for me regarding my career journey.

Most of the time they ask more about the role, the culture, the team, the salary etc. However, and this isn’t that uncommon, they asked me whether I liked the Company. I always find that question a funny one – everyone on the planet ( or at least I would hope so! ) would say yes and would explain why – maybe it’s the team, the culture, the role, the progression.

For me though it got me thinking a lot more than the candidate probably thought. I have been with Next Generation for nearly two years now and when I look back at when I started to now it scares me ( in a good way! ) how much has changed. And what excited me is where I could be in two, three years from now.

With that thought racing through my mind I simply replied with my journey and my ending to the answer was a sucker punch – but I’ll get back to that.

What I took from that conversation though is the importance of journeys.

Knowing what to expect from your journey is key

I am the type of person who needs to be on a journey, going somewhere – both in my career and my personal life. I can’t stand still. I could never work for a Company where my story is written, where I have climbed a ladder and no rungs are above me. If that does happen I would simply find a new ladder or a new chapter to write.

To borrow a quote from The Office (UK) ( perhaps not the best place to take life lessons but bare with me! ) it is better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb then half way up one you don’t.

But I get it. I get it completely. It’s a scary thing to move jobs, to move away from a team/company you have been with in some cases for years. What I would say to anyone is though if you’re truly happy in current role/industry then that’s great.

However if you are feeling you’re not using your skills to your full potential, you’re not receiving the recognition you deserve or perhaps you just want a change then perhaps you need to start a new journey and recruitment is a very good journey to begin.

If I revert to my phone screen this was the reason why we spoke in the first place. A new journey. The candidate felt that they needed something new and saw recruitment as, perhaps, that next step. The next ladder for them the climb and a new chapter in their story.

So why should they look to join us – this, for me, is why they asked the question to me why I enjoyed the company. I mentioned earlier my final statement was a sucker punch – My final statement in the answer? I turned to the right and said I am having this conversation with you from the 7th floor of an office building in Krakow with a view of the city having just moved here for 6 months to our Polish office.

New Career Journey

I’m happy with that journey. And there’s no reason why you can’t have that same journey. Not in terms of its destination but in terms of what it brings. New experiences, new teams, new cultures. If you want something new because the old isn’t enough anymore then why not begin your new career journey today.

Good luck and if you’d ever have any question regarding your career path feel free to contact me at Alan.Hayden@nextgeneration.ie

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