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Engineering & Manufacturing

Recruitment in Ireland's Engineering & Manufacturing industry

Next Generation's consultants are deeply embedded in the Engineering & Manufacturing industry from both a client and candidate perspective.

Our team’s experience in the Engineering & Manufacturing industry in Ireland allows us to create realistic timelines for candidates so expectations are set from the start, ensuring you are kept informed and engaged throughout the entire job searching process.

With a track record of success in locating and sourcing the best Engineering & Manufacturing industry leaders and specialists, we take extreme pride in connecting the right talent with the most suitable role.

Who have we worked with within the Engineering & Manufacturing industry?

We have worked extensively with companies of all sizes to find talented experts across the Engineering & Manufacturing industry. We have connected candidates and companies across a wide range of Production and Supply Chain roles such as Transport and Logistics CoOrdinators, Supply Chain Specialists, Buyers, Project Engineers, Mechanical Design Engineers, Quality Managers and Engineering Managers. We also work with candidates across operational functions such as HR, IT & data, finance and sales & marketing.

We can help you find the information you‘re looking for and guide you through each step of the process for the role we believe you're best fitted for.

Recruitment in Engineering & Manufacturing Industry

Why use a recruitment partner when looking for Engineering & Manufacturing industry jobs?

It's important to have a recruitment partner as part of your hiring or job hunting strategy in the Engineering & Manufacturing industry. We have seen first-hand the competition for talent in this market over the past two years. Businesses looking to fill jobs in this industry have been vocal about the difficulties of attracting talent.

We offer competitive business services across contingent, interim, and executive search across all Engineering & Manufacturing industry functions which has proven to help many candidates and companies connect talent and job opportunities.  

 Next Generation is a specialist recruitment agency based in Dublin and works with companies across Ireland, so whether you are looking to take the next step in your career or need assistance with finding the best candidates for a role, our team is here to help you. Get in touch with us today.