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Food Production & FMCG

We recruit for a variety of food industry jobs in Ireland and source talent from junior positions up to Director level.

Recruitment in Ireland's Food Production & FMCG industry

The Food Production & FMCG industry in Ireland is constantly expanding, producing a wide range of new businesses and opportunities for those looking to enter or advance in the field. We have observed a number of changes in the sector in Ireland over recent years, one of which is the increasing requirements for food production globally as a result of the increasing world population along with consistent shortages of Raw Materials globally. This has resulted in a competition for talent for companies looking to fulfil Food Production & FMCG industry jobs.

The industry has become one of the most competitive sectors to be a part of in Ireland with a wide variety of job types available across a range of food production and manufacturing to include; Bakery, Dairy, Meat Processing, Produce etc. While it’s common to see both companies and job-seekers finding the hiring process difficult in the Food Production & FMCG industry in Ireland, we don’t believe that should be the case. The recruiting process can be effective and efficient for both parties involved. This is something we have provided for candidates and clients within this industry for over 15 years.

Our experience in Ireland’s Ireland's Food Production & FMCG industry

Next Generation’s grasp of the Food and Beverage industry in Ireland allows us to effectively bridge the gap between candidates and businesses across a broad range of roles throughout the industry. We work closely with companies from small/bespoke manufacturing facilities to large multi-site operations helping to place candidates who have sought-after skills, knowledge and attitude to make a positive impact.

Whether you're a business in search of a particular skillset within the Food Industry or you are someone who can deliver these services to a company, we can help you find the right fit for the job..

food industry jobs in ireland

What are the primary benefits a business can gain through using a recruitment partner when looking for talent in the Food Production & FMCG industry?

Finding the right people to fulfil the roles in your Food Production & FMCG industry business needs a thorough grasp of your organisation and its industry. Our consultants have technical backgrounds and 15 years of experience in helping companies find solutions across a broad range of disciplines within the food sector including Technical/Quality; NPD/R&D, EHS; Production supervisors/Managers, Operations Managers/General Managers; Supply Chain, Procurement, and Engineering.

Some of the primary benefits of using a recruitment partner are access to a wider pool of candidates, a better candidate experience and specialised expertise in your industry.

Next Generation has a proven history of success in locating and sourcing high-performing Food and Beverage industry leaders and specialists with the specific qualifications and skills to either join as a permanent member of your team or join temporarily to assist in completing projects.

How to successfully navigate the job-hunting process for candidates in Ireland's Food Production & FMCG industry?

We are aware that the job-seeking process is not one to manage for candidates. We know that this can be a far less stressful task than many anticipate. We are confident in saying this due to our expertise specifically in the Food industry in Ireland and the transparency we offer candidates throughout the course of their job transition. There are commonly a lot of moving parts in this industry and we feel it is vital to keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the partnership with realistic timelines and expectations.

Some of the initial steps we would advise candidates to consider as they begin their job hunt are researching the industry, tailoring their CV, reviewing online job portals for more insight into the market, and preparing and practising for interviews.

We have a proven track record of helping candidates and companies connect with talent and job opportunities by offering competitive business services across contingent, interim, and executive search covering all Food Production & FMCG industry functions.

Next Generation is a specialist recruitment agency based in Dublin and Cork that works with companies across Ireland, so whether you are looking to take the next step in your career or find the best talent for your company, we can help you reach your goals. Get in touch with us today.

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