How do you dress say a lot about you,so when it comes to finding a new job it is important to know how to dress for interview success.

What you wear to a job interview is incredibly important, perhaps more than people realise it to be. How you dress/ present yourself communicates messages about your personality, insights into how you conduct yourself professionally, your level of authority and so much more.

The hiring manager/ potential employer/ interviewer will, whether we like it or not, form an impression and opinion about us within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. With this taken into consideration, you can clearly see why the clothes we wear and the way we dress/ present ourselves makes up a large part of the impression we make in that vital 30 second window.

Appearance affects hiring decisions and plays a major role. Hiring managers need to be able to visualize you in that position they are trying to fill. – Brenda Ferguson Hodges, a California-based image consultant and career coach

“people who dress appropriately for a job interview are more likely to be successful because they look the part. Conversely, those who dress inappropriately“too informal, for example“may be seen as having a more casual attitude toward work and authority, as well as possessing a lack of understanding of business etiquette” –

Nowadays, the completely formal suited and booted look has changed for many industries and careers with a more casual approach to workplace attire. Smart casual is a safe medium to take or add personality to a formal and professional look with touches of expression such as interesting (yet professional) shoes,a uniquely tailored suit for men or interesting jewellery for women. If you unsure, do your research!


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