over 8 years ago by Next Generation

Why Small Businesses Can and Should Hire Big

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We look at the reasons why small businesses can and should hire big such as the benefits of attracting high potential hires to their business!


Small and medium enterprises (SME’s), including start-ups are increasingly seen as the great white hope. And hiring high-potential employees can be transformative to their success. But how can small businesses do this effectively, and what are the benefits?

For a small to medium business owner, attracting the right staff can be a challenge when competing against large companies who offer benefits that a small business cannot match.

However, small businesses can attract high potential hires with the many benefits they can offer that the larger companies can’t match, such as roles with more variety, career prospects and recognition. Being part of a smaller workforce means their voice is heard and they are not simply a number within a large pool.

In addition, attracting these high potential hires can help the business to grow and thrive as a result. High potential hires are invested in the business and have the ability to seek opportunities for the business, build and grow the existing workforce and lead the company as they advance into senior positions.

Because these new employees of high potential can so beneficial to the business, it is important that a careful selection and interview process is in place to be able to identify such candidates and not make a “bad” hire. The cost of a bad hire can result in a significant cost for any business and for an SME, it can have a far higher impact.

The cost of a bad hire can result in loss of productivity, lowered staff morale and much more. So how can a small business owner ensure they have that right candidate? We look at ways to spot that high potential hire at interview using a few simple and carefully chosen questions.