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How to Successfully Work From Home


Almost half (44%) of employees in Ireland work from home at least one day a month according to an O2 survey.

Ireland’s mobile work from home force population is growing, as a nation, we like working from home and it is predicted that the ability to work remotely will increase furthermore in the next few years.

However, a lack of direct interaction with colleagues was seen as the biggest disadvantage of working remotely. This was followed by external distractions, such as children or pets, and thirdly, not having access to the right technology.


The other major problem is that by bringing your work into your home you are tipping your work life blend in the wrong direction. Closure is a big theme among those offering tips to a healthy work-life balance/blend. The Mental Health Foundation says that if you do happen to take work home with you, you should try to confine it to a certain area of your home and be able to close the door on it.

These days, work-life blend and balance can seem like an impossible feat with technology making workers accessible around the clock. In fact, 94% of working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week and nearly half said they worked more than 65 hours per week in a Harvard Business School survey.


There is a solution to help tip the work life balance back in your favour by following these simple steps:

  1. Let go of perfectionism – The key to avoid burning out is to let go of perfectionism so don’t take things too serious – life is too short after all.
  2. Unplug  There are times when you just need to turn off your phone and appreciate what is happening around you, like you kids playing in the park.
  3. Exercise – Exercise pumps feel-good endorphins through your body, you would be amazed what a 20 minute walk at lunch time can do to help clear your head and get you refocused.
  4. Mediate – Do something new and download the Headspace app it may change your life. This is one piece of technology that really works to improve your work life balance.
  5. Limit time – wasting activities and people – identify what’s most important in your life and make sure it truly reflects your priorities, not someone else’s.

So remember, by following these easy steps you can restore the balance/ blend between your personal and professional life.

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