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A Brief History of Famous Hirings and Firings

A Brief History Of Famous Hirings And Firings

We examine a Brief History of Famous Hirings and Firings, including some surprising and very famous names.


Donald Trump is famous for uttering the words you’re fired to his apprentices, but who said it last to him, and why? What about when style icon, Anna Wintour, was let go of her fashion job? What happened to the James Bond franchise when Pierce Brosnan was hired for the lead role?

We’ve all had ups and downs in our careers at some point, and many celebrities, inspirations and business leaders are no exception. We’ve put together a timeline of the greatest hirings and firings of the world, from 500BC right up to today! From Socrates to Christopher, Brian Boru to George Washington, and Steve Jobs to Ryan Gosling, find out who was hired for the right job at the right time, or who lost their dream job!

With some lucky hires, fatal fires, and plenty of lessons to be learned from, our inspirational Hiring & Firing timeline shows you exactly why being fired from a position is only cause to push yourself and your career further, not to give up and hold your head high.