over 8 years ago by Linda Davis

Understanding The Career for your Personality

Understanding The Career For Your Personality

Understanding the career for your personality before making your next career move can make all the difference for success and longevity.



Most people like to surround themselves with products that they feel are reflective of their personality. With this in mind, look at how you are dressed or what accompanies you, handbag/ clothing/ technology? Select an item that is on you currently and describe that item using three words.



The three words you have chosen are more than likely the three key traits of your personality. This is key for you in your next career move, if you choose words like e.g sophisticated, high-end , classy or trendy, cool, colourful. These words are very important to your next career move and the type of company that is going to work best for you.



There is no right or wrong in the words you select they are just an extension of how you think and it is important to have a deep understanding of your personality preferences when selecting an organisation to work for.


You must remember that every company has a distinct personality to their organisation and there is no right or wrong, they are all just different. Some organisations put a key focus on giving their staff an environment where the focus is on energy and fun while other organisations want a high end consultancy experience.


Understanding the career for your personality, means YOU understanding the best culture that you will fit in with. When you have ascertained your key preferences make sure that your CV is reflective of these traits and ensure that when you are engaging in the jobs market that you do your research into the companies that you are applying to and that you gain a thorough understanding of the values of the company and culture.



Look at sites like Glassdoor to get a feel for the company for past and current employees (be aware of anybody who is highly negative, as more than likely you are not getting you a true reflection of the company more of an emotional one from one perspective), talk to anybody who is currently working there if you can get the opportunity. When in the interview process ask the individuals who you meet to talk about their experience of the culture and what they like about it.



Be smart, make a decision based on what is aligned to your thinking, if you go against your preferences the cracks will show very early on in your role and it will more than likely end in a unhappy situation for you.

Remember there is no right or wrong in your preference we are all individuals and we work best in environments where we are surrounded by like-minded peers, managers and values.



The key to finding a role where you are happy is to find one with an environment where you can be authentic, know yourself and believe you can be your true self.