over 8 years ago by Linda Davis

Hope is a Learned Skill

Hope Is A Learned Skill

Hope is a learned skill and in order to really grow your hope skill you must first focus on where your mindset is at currently.


This was a recent revelation to me. I appreciate now that I have written the sentence that it seems very logical for that to be the case, however it really surprised me when I saw it written down.

An article I recently read defined Hope as a combination of goal setting, having tenacity and the perseverance to pursue them. In order to really grow your hope skill you must first focus on where your mindset is at currently. Are you the glass is half empty person all the time? We all have friends that always seems to get the terrible end of the stick in most situations they find themselves in.



I truly believe this is because their mindset is one not of hope but of negativity. They expect a negative outcome and therefore approach the situation with this negative mindset and here is where the person predetermines their outcome before they engage in the situation and hence elicits the negative response.

Life is also full of interruptions, some of them are positive and some are negative if not devastating, so how do we really learn hope and how do we practically apply it?

One of the key processes to developing hope is that when we are faced with a situation we are not happy with or that hurts us, we need to understand that we cannot change the situation however we can change how we react to it. This is key to starting your journey into a happier life.



Taking action is the first step in developing and creating hope. When faced with a situation start by looking at the problem and writing down what steps you can take to help, change or remove yourself from the situation. This will help to remove your mindset out of the negative and into a more positive action set mind frame. This may take time and practice but persevere, hope is a learned skill worth mastering.



Knowledge is a very powerful tool to help you move forward, the more you know about a situation and different perspectives the easier it is for you to take the next steps with an easier mindset.



Teach yourself to let go of the negative situation as quickly as you possibly can. Stop talking about the situation and reinforcing the negative, if you don’t talk about it, it becomes easier to move forward.



Your gut will react before you brain has had a chance to absorb and digest the situation. Its reaction tends to be the right one as it doesn’t rely on fear, happiness, it just responds to the situation.



Everyday think of three things that had a positive impact on you, write them down and reflect on them this helps to develop your mindset into Hope and Happiness.