A question people always ask when approaching the process of seeking a new position is the best way to write a CV, to present themselves in the best way and give themselves the best chance. As the CV is the first opportunity or window of potential for a candidate when applying for a role, having the information laid out the right way with the right content is essential.

The reality is that everyone is busy and hiring mangers within companies are looking to find the best fit in the shortest time frame. This means that most of the array of CVs that arrive on their desk will be scanned with a decision made there and then as to whether to review again/ has potential or simply “out of the running”.

Trying to get all your personal information, achievements and “best bits” communicated in a concise and impressive fashion in a mere few pieces of paper can be a challenge and leaves many candidates puzzled as to the best approach to take. Simple touches such as having a professional email address on your CV to the order you list your educational and training background in can make all the difference to the impact a CV has.

In the below infographic we outline how to write a winning CV on a simple CV layout, making it even easier to digest the information and see where everything should sit. Following just these simple steps could be enough to make your CV stand out among the clutter. Your job in order to help you get that job is make sure that you make your CV easy to read, concise and relevant to the requirements of the role, making it easy for the hiring manager to review your CV and therefore more likely to consider you!

How to Write a Winning CV Infographic