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Infographic: Inspiring Quotes from Successful Leaders

Inspiring Quotes From Successful Leaders

Inspiring Quotes from Successful Leaders looks at leaders, experienced enough to know all too well what words of advice to offer.

“Great leaders, however, inspire their people to reach higher, dream bigger, and achieve greater. Perhaps the most important leadership skill you can develop is the ability to provide inspiration to your team. If you inspire them to reach for the stars, they just might bring you back the moon.” -Forbes

The best way for you to be motivational and inspirational to others is to be motivated yourself and what better way to find motivation than from those who have already faced and overcome many challenges and established themselves as successful leaders. From Walt Disney to Maya Angelou, we look at some of the most inspirational leaders and influencers of our time and the words of wisdom they have offered.

Leadership is lonely. No matter how big your team, sometimes it’s just you-which means you sometimes need to look inside yourself for motivation and inspiration. Or you can find personal inspiration from someone who has been there, done that…and done it well-Inc

We can’t deny the power of a good leadership quote for motivation or simple solitary reflection. The secret of a successful leader is often conveyed through their words and expression of their thinking processes. Below is our pick of some of the most inspiring quotes from successful leaders. Great for a fast digest to take a negative head space to a positive one or simply motivate and drive you further by refocusing the mind.

“Even the best leaders can learn a thing or two about how to inspire their team. Thankfully, some of our best and brightest leaders throughout history left behind some great soundbites to help lead the way.” – Forbes