about 8 years ago by Next Generation

Talent Attraction: Key Factors Your Business Should Consider

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In todays’ knowledge economy, talent is not only critical, but scarce. Talent attraction and retaining talent is a top priority; however companies still struggle to fill skilled positions.

Successive Irish governments have developed one of the world’s most open economies and invested heavily to develop Ireland Inc. attracting high performing knowledge led industries.

Employee talent is the key factor to sustaining our knowledge economy and remaining innovative and competitive.

In 2016, we carried out research to establish just what factors are most important to talent in order to attract them to a role/ company. Majority of these factors are also key to retaining talent long term.

However, in 2017 we have identified a seismic shift in talent attraction, where the factors in the following infographic still play a tremendous role, but there is more.

This infographic highlights the results from surveying 566 full respondents who are in mid to senior level roles.

Next Generation-Employee Value Proposition Infographic-Talent Attraction