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Why Should I Work in Recruitment

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There are many reasons why one would work in recruitment, many I have heard while interviewing for Next Generation include – the challenge, it’s something new, the commission, the progression etc. While some of these reasons are misconceptions most of the reasons are true descriptions of the industry.  Here are three of my biggest reasons why one would work in recruitment-

Recruitment is a Sales Role – With a Difference

At its core, recruitment is a sales role. You are constantly selling – whether it be to clients or to candidates. The big difference between this role and other sales roles though is what you are selling – the individual!

With recruitment you are dealing with people. Unlike products, people have emotions, thoughts, families, commitments etc. which makes dealing with them all the more challenging.

It requires particular sales skills to be able to manage relationships both on the candidate and client side of the role as you are helping businesses and candidates making some of the biggest decisions in their professional careers. There is also a need to be very good at multi-tasking. You will be working on various roles at any given time and you will need to maintain focus on the right task and prioritise your day – this means the variety in the role is a huge factor – no two days are ever the same.

Rewards – Both Financially and Personally

Commission and the commission structure plays a huge part in enticing individuals into a career in recruitment.

With Next Generation there is no ceiling on commission, it simply is the more you put in the more you get out. Whilst the role is challenging if one adapts to the fast paced, multi-tasking environment success will come – not just financially.

From a personal development point of view the room for growth is exponential. On a daily basis you are dealing with candidates and clients on a multitude of different levels. This allows one to improve their communication, negotiation and business development skills.

Progression – The Role is a Platform for You to Succeed

Recruitment isn’t a job, nor can’t be seen as a stopgap to another role or as something one wants to try for a bit to see what it’s like. It’s very much a career, in which, the opportunities for scope and progression are there for the taking.

Since we are expanding (both domestically and into Europe) it is only natural that positions will become available – whether it be senior recruitment specialists, managers or team leads  – the first people we look to for these roles are the employees who work here already as who else knows this business better.

Even taking promotions aside, recruitment is very much an entrepreneurial role. You have your own targets, clients, candidates and your own way of selling. We will give you all the training, support and tools needed to be successful and progress but ultimately it boils down to the consultant. The role becomes what they put in.

So, for me, these would be the three main reasons to move into recruitment. So whether you are driven by money, progression, a challenge or perhaps a combination of all three- recruitment could be the career for you.

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