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Next Generation – A Great Place to Work 2017

Next Generation A Great Place To Work 2017

Next Generation – A Great Place to Work

Let us rewind here for a second.

Back in June of 2015 Next Generation decided to enter the Great Place to Work Programme. For those who aren’t aware the Programme gives an insight into a workplace culture through a rigorous and objective methodology that categories a Company across a multitude of categories – such as hiring, learning and developing, caring for employees, corporate social responsibility amongst other categories.

The programme is divided into an in-depth survey that all employees take that is anonymous – the survey results are sent straight to Great Place to Work – as well an in-depth audit which, in essence, is a detailed document outlining every aspect of a company across the categories.

Phew! Now to move away from the ins and outs of the process for a bit. Next Generation entered into the Programme to see how our culture ranked  – what we were doing well, what ideas could we implement and what areas could we improve on. Implementation and improvement were the two key areas for us.

So fast forwarding just a little bit to February 2016 when the Great Place to Work Awards were announced and we were officially rewarded with a Great Place to Work 2016.

For a first year of entering and particularly for a recruitment company this isn’t a simple feat – in fact it’s quite rare. We were delighted with this and we very proud of this accomplishment. We knew we wanted to enter the programme again for 2017 but before we did we looked through the results to see what we were doing well and, as mentioned before, what could we improve on and implement/change.

For our second year of entering as opposed to a detailed document outlining all aspects instead what was written was what was new, had been tweaked and removed. And only when writing this did we realise how much had changed based off of last year’s results.

This included a revamp of a hiring process, extra emphasis on our training for new starts as well as current employees, setting up CSR and sports & social committees, end of year bonuses, extra annual leave for length of service, a day off for your birthday amongst many others.

The programme, being objective and hosted by an outside company really gave us a chance to see our Company from a very important perspective – that of our team. At the end of the day employees make any company and its culture and if we didn’t listen to our team and what was important to them we would never grow. And we at Next Generation are striving to be the best that we can.

Let us then return to where we are now.

So here we are. February 22nd 2017 saw Next Generation named as a Great Place to Work for the second year running.

This, for us, was an even greater accomplishment then before as using the results and feedback from 2015/2016 we could see these actions have this amazing result.

When we now reflect on what has changed since June 2015, we’ve been quite progressive! From the rebrand of our Company to  the opening of our office in Krakow. From panels, committees, themed weeks, employee recognition schemes, employee transfers, events, new hires and more, the initiatives keep growing!

Change is inevitable in business and there are some things you can’t control. But by working with our team here in Next Generation and focusing on the present and the future the changes we have made stemming from the Great Place to Work Programme we say bring on those changes.

And roll on the next twelve months we can’t wait to see what is next!

To learn more about the Programme and what it meant to us a Company, click on the video below to see Jennifer Brennan discuss it in more detail.


And if you want to be part of a Great Place to Work we are hiring all year round for various positions. Click here to check out our careers page and if you are interested in having an open discussion feel free to contact our in-house recruiter Chloe Morisson at chloe.morisson@nextgeneration.ie or on +353 1-6629120