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Christmas at Next Generation: What a day and night (and early morning!) to remember.

Christmas At Next Generation 2017

Kicking off with our annual collection for the St. Vincent de Paul Giving Tree we had loads of gifts to give this year as we decided to eschew our Kris Kindle custom and pool all our spare cash into presents for those in need.  This year we put a particular focus on gifts for teenagers so there was lots of aftershave and eyebrow shaping kits!

Our hardworking and creative wellness team did an amazing job decorating our office and relaxation room with twinkling Christmas lights, brilliant baubles and of course the most important thing of all a ‘Pimp your Processco’ station!

I rustled up some tongue tingling mocktails ‘Sunny Santas’ using my secret ingredient all the way from my home town of Bordeaux…………….Grenadine if you’re wondering!  While some of us were putting on our ‘glad rags’ or ‘rig outs’ (depending which part of the world you’re from) there were top Christmas tunes and mouth-watering pizza being delivered from our favourite local haunt Cirillos.

No Christmas party is the same without some toe-curling embarrassing moments so we got stuck into Charades cheering on our team mates to act out all sorts of Christmas movies from Home Alone, Die Hard and Elf.

Up next was fill in the lyrics for the 12 Days of Christmas this was so hard particularly as we had to put our phones in a basket in the next room.  Jen our IT Associate Director has a strict no cheating policy!

Oisin who works on the IT desk gave us an entirely original and hilarious rendition of the 12 Inappropriate Things of Christmas.  His team had a VERY hard time keeping a straight face while belting it at the top of their lungs. Thankfully, our phones having been confiscated this unique performance was not recorded put up on the web for eternity!

Just when we thought we were safe and all opportunities for embarrassing moments were over a full-length selfie mirror turned up with multi-coloured wigs, blow ups guitars and animal masks.  The prosecco had done its trick and everyone tried to outdo each other with their funny poses and outrageous get-ups.

There was a particular competitive edge to some of the participants………….lots of millennial selfie posing going on!  Linda our CEO took a shine to wigs, whilst support seemed to get very attached to the reindeer antlers!  And as much as we tried to squeeze everyone into one photo with their eyes open and all looking in the right direction we couldn’t pull it off……we’ll try again next year!

Once we had polished off the prosecco and pizza, had our fill of charades and photos we jumped into cabs and made our way down to the glamourous Bow Lane.  On arrival, we were met with more fancy cocktails and a most generous bar tab that had lots of us indulging in Expresso Martinis, Old Fashioneds and I’m pretty sure I saw shots being downed at one stage.  Platters of fancy finger food, tasty treats and delectable goodies were piled on and we tucked in like we had never seen food before!

The night rounded off with dancing and the usual competitive dance offs and before we knew it the bar was closing, our feet were hurting and it was time to call more cabs to get everyone home as warmly and safely as possible.

Now it is back to work with fun competitions running to build pipe for January, lots of prizes to be won to fill up a Christmas hamper of your choice and we have our annual Christmas jumper appeal on Friday to raise funds for MS Ireland.

Go Next Gen!!!

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