Last month, we welcomed a brand new wave of talented recruiters to the Next Generation team. With experience in Life Science, Digital Marketing, Finance and IT, they’ve already made a huge impact on helping to source some of the brightest minds in the industry for our growing client base.

As we’re always excited to add people to our team, we thought we’d share our excitement with you by asking our latest team members to share a little information about themselves and their journey to Next Generation. So, sit back, grab a coffee and get to know some of our team who you will have an opportunity to work with over the coming months.


1) Tell us a bit about yourself

I have more than 10 years experience in Human Resources working with Organisational Development and Talent Acquisition as well. My degree is in Psychology and I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic People Management Models.

I started off my career as a Recruiter in a Recruitment Consultancy in Brazil. Afterwards, I have worked as an In-House Recruiter in a Telecommunications Company and there I had the opportunity to work with Organisational Development for the very first time. Later I moved to a Brazilian Investment Bank and my responsibilities regarded the company’s Performance Management Program. 

For the last 4 years, I have worked at Hypera Pharma, a leading company in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market. As an HR Coordinator, I was the person in charge of the Organisational Development department managing a 4 employee team. In April 2017 I was promoted and started working as HR Business Partner for the Branded Generics Business Unit where I was responsible mostly for the HR demands, including the Recruitment Process, Organizational Development and Salary Reviews.

2) What aspects of Life Science are you particularly passionate about?

Working with Life Science is amazing for so many reasons so it is difficult for me to choose just one aspect. 

It is an extremely technical area and most of the time we have to deal with critical jobs. Considering we recruit for manufacturing roles and for the pharmaceutical industry the regulatory demands are very strict, so if we don’t find a good professional in a right time it could represent a huge loss for our client.  For me, with every new role opened, every interview completed and every CV received is a strong source of knowledge. I learnt a lot working in this area, and I’m sure there is much more to learn over the coming years.

3) What brought you to Next Generation?

I moved to Ireland in December and I was looking for an opportunity to work in Recruitment in Dublin. When I saw the Job Ad for Next Generation I felt that this was the right place for me! I really identify myself with the company, especially with the value “YOU”, the client, the candidate and the employee. During the interview with Luke and Chloe, I got even more interested in working here. They were so friendly and the way they explained to me about the company and the job made me dream about working here! I’m very happy to be here and I’m ready to “unleash my success”…

4) When you’re not busy helping to match amazing candidates with amazing companies, what else do you enjoy doing? 

I enjoy a lot of things among then: watching series, travelling, cooking, cycling and trekking.

5) Tell us about one thing most people don’t know about you.

Most people don’t know that when I was in Brazil I used to brew my own handcrafted beer at home. This is something that I really like to do. I have done this for the past 3 years.


1) Tell us a bit about yourself

Having begun my career as a Domestic Violence Case Worker more than 10 years ago I have travelled a varied and interesting road to Recruitment and as most Recruiters would attest to I also “fell into it”, and gladly so. A decade of active listening and working hard to better the lives of others puts me in a great position to really hear what people want and then to ensure they get it!  

2) What aspects of digital marketing are you particularly passionate about?

The Digital World is ever changing and consistently growing and is an industry that grabs my attention, mainly due to my innate curiosity and dedication to remaining on trend. Specialising in Digital Marketing I look forward to meeting with and assisting some of the most creative, imaginative and talented people I’m guaranteed to come across in filling some of the super interesting and rewarding roles already on my desk.

3) What brought you to Next Generation?

My path to becoming a member of the Next Generation team wasn’t so accidental. Having worked for 2 years with Ireland’s first Welfare to Work provider I gained invaluable experience and a real passion for fitting the right people to the right jobs. 2018 saw the dawn of a new era for me, both personally and professionally, with the decision to make the move to the big city. And over 1 month into my new role as Digital Talent Acquisition Partner I am delighted to report that I am enjoying every moment of this great job and this great city.

4) When you’re not busy helping to match amazing candidates with amazing companies, what else do you enjoy doing?

Dublin doesn’t only have great jobs and great people on offer, the choice for food is something a country girl isn’t accustomed to and it’s also dangerous! This week I have eaten out 6 times. I have thrown away a packet of turkey sausages, 2 peppers, eggs and a bunch of bananas. I had to, because I ate out 6 out of 7 days! I even threw away the end of a loaf of bread, while the rest of the country was crying out for the stuff!


1) Tell us a bit about yourself

I am Canadian (from Toronto) and have been in Ireland for just over one year now. I am coming from a 7-year Military background and 2 years sales experience with a Direct marketing company. I have a son born here in Ireland in March 2017.

2) What aspects of IT are you particularly passionate about?

I recruit for the IT sector and am very intrigued and interested in learning in-depth what IT really is and how everything operates, such as: different operating system platforms, how remote access works, networking and even understanding something that is used daily like the internet.

3) What brought you to Next Generation?

Next Generation was an opportunity that was presented to me and is a significant stepping stone in my recruitment career. It has many opportunities and the training offered exceeds many other companies that I have looked into. Everyone has been extremely welcoming at Next Generation and make themselves available for anything needed.

4) When you’re not busy helping to match amazing candidates with amazing companies, what else do you enjoy doing?

On my spare time here in Ireland, I enjoy hiking and trying different sports where I can. Back in Canada, I was big into ice hockey among many other sports. I always enjoyed being on the water, boating is a massive hobby of mine.

5) Tell us about one thing most people don’t know about you.

Something that most people do not know about me is I love all types of music, but cannot play an instrument.


1) Tell us a bit about yourself

I have had a vast and varied career to date from teaching English in South Korea to working in the Financial Industry. The majority of my roles have been customer focused and customer facing. I have worked in Financial Services for the past 4 and half years while completing a HR degree part-time. The challenges working and studying at the same time can be difficult, but I found with great friends, colleagues and family, every problem can be manageable.

I have a keen interest in travel and experiencing different cultures. I enjoy being outside my comfort zone when I travel, and this was put to the test when I lived in Korea as only 40 foreign nationals were living in a city with a population of approximately 250,000 people.

I am also involved in theatre and work with various theatre groups around Dublin. This has allowed me the chance to meet people from all walks of life in an environment where work is not discussed. There are some people I have known for too many years to mention that I still am not sure what they work as in the “real world”.

2) What aspects of Finance are you particularly passionate about?

It is an exhilarating time in the financial industry the moment, the industry is having to transform at a faster pace due to changes within the financial sector at the moment; change to keep up with digital infrastructural change, change to the dynamic of the industry, change to financial regulation, change in the layout of the finance industry as we know it. During this time of change, I look forward to helping both candidates and clients find their perfect match.

3) What brought you to Next Generation?

Next Generation has been a company that has been on my radar for the past couple of years due to their growing presence in the market. When the opportunity arose where I was able to progress my career and also work with a company that matches my own values, I just had to take the leap.

4) When you’re not busy helping to match amazing candidates with amazing companies, what else do you enjoy doing?

I love live entertainment and am involved in the world of theatre in my spare time, so whether it is going to see a show / gig / play or working behind the scenes to bring a show to the masses. It is my home away from home and no two nights are ever the same.

Are you interested in joining the Next Generation team? Keep an eye on this section of our site to be kept up to date about the roles we’re hiring for at the moment. Alternatively, reach out to our team today to see if we may be able to help you secure your next Life Science, Digital Marketing, Finance or IT role.