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5 Things To Research Before An Online Job Interview

Online Job Interview

Applying for your dream job can truly be a nerve-wracking process and the interview will surely be the most stressful part of it. While most online job interviews follow the same pattern of questions, there is no doubt that you will still feel unsure about what else you need to know before the interview begins.

Whether this will be your first interview or not, you should still be as prepared as you can be. In order to help you out with that task, here are 5 things you should research before you start an online job interview.

1) Find more about the company’s vision and mission

One of the things many interviewers ask during an online job interview is what you know about the company you’re going to potentially work for. This is something that is usually asked in combination with other questions such as “How do you believe you could contribute to the company’s vision?” or “How do you believe your position could help the company grow?”

All of these questions aim to help the interviewer see how well you understand the company’s standards and goals as well as your job description and responsibilities. Knowing some basic yet important things about the company and your job description will help you become more likeable to the interviewer and give you higher chances of getting the job.

2) Check what type of equipment you need

While most people around the world use Skype for conducting interviews, it is possible that your interviewer will ask you to conduct the interview on a different program. This is something you should keep an eye out for when you receive an email verifying the time and date of the interview, as the interviewer will most likely provide you with his Skype ID or let you know which other programs they would like to communicate with you through.

Whether you have to install a new program or you simply have never used Skype before, it is always a good idea to install the selected program on time and give it a try. You should be able to see how you can attach documents in the chat if you need to and also check if all the settings in the program are compatible with your computer.

In case you are not using a laptop, you might need to have some things ready in order to be able to communicate effectively. First of all, you should have a camera with a built-in microphone, a pair of speakers and last but not least a stable internet connection. There is no worse thing than having to cut an interview short because your connection is poor, so make sure you can have an alternative for internet in case something happens.

3) Check the room which you will use

Something you should avoid at all costs during your interview is being in a room which is too loud or where it’s possible for other family members to come in. Apart from this being embarrassing for you, it will also leave a bad impression on the interviewer and that will lower your chances of getting the job.

The room you will be in will have to be quiet, away from possible sources of outside noise as well as any other distractions. For example, if you have a landline, you should not leave the phone near you during the interview as it will create an unnecessary distraction.

Another thing you should keep in mind and handle in advance is making sure there is enough lighting in the room you chose and that the temperature of the room is okay. You want the interviewer to be able to clearly see your face as well as your outfit. On the same note, you should have a moderate temperature in the room so you’re neither cold nor have to deal with heat spikes.

4) Check the company’s social media profiles

One of the ways you can get more information on the company is through its social media accounts. Apart from learning more about it and its policy, you can also get a better understanding of how they treat their employees. This can help you determine whether you should be friendlier or stay strictly professional during the interview.

The social media profiles of a company can really help you see its real face. From the way they write their posts to the accounts they follow, you will be able to easily determine whether you would like to work for them or not.

A company’s Twitter and Facebook profiles will usually give you access to pictures and videos which could help you see the relationship between employees and employers as well as the general working environment of the company.

5) Research the most common job interview questions and think ahead of possible answers

Last but not least, one thing that can really help you lose some stress and become more confident is to research some of the most commonly asked job interview questions online. While not every interviewer is going to ask the same questions, there is honestly so much they can ask.

By going through them, you should take the time and think about how you should be answering them based on the company you are interested in. You need to put your knowledge about the company into use and see how you can show true interest and a passion for working through answering the simplest of questions.

If this is your dream job, you shouldn’t be afraid to show your excitement and let the interviewer know that you wish to work hard, even if that’s not necessarily asked in a question in these exact words. The better you prepare for this stage, the more confident you will be while the interview is taking place.


Preparing for an interview in advance can help you have a much bigger chance of getting the job. While there are many things you should research and prepare beforehand, one of the most important ones is to learn as much as possible about the company’s values as well as your position.

Experience will only show you that one can never fully be prepared for an online job interview, but you can surely get better at them if you follow the right steps when it comes to preparation. As long as you stay professional, think about your answers and be yourself you are bound to ace that interview.

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