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Refresh your job search in 2021

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2020 was a year full of challenges, concerns and uncertainties. As companies moved to work from home to fight the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of people were being laid off or furloughed. 


A year later, with most of the world getting ready to return to some sense of normality, it’s the ideal time to get your job search back on track. If you haven’t looked for a new role for some time, or you’re struggling to secure interviews, have a read of the tips below.


Start with social media


LinkedIn has become a popular platform for recruiters and employers of all industries to advertise their jobs. It’s a place to showcase your skills and experience, while also demonstrating your personality and involvement in your industry. 


Polish off your CV


When you apply for a job role, you’ll often be one of hundreds of applications that a hiring manager has to sort through. It’s vital that your CV stands out and you need to make it very clear why you should be shortlisted (and hired!). Book yourself onto one of our free CV workshops or get in contact for CV advice - we’re happy to help.


Go the extra mile


Job boards make it very easy for people to apply for roles these days; you can apply to something with the click of a button. Unfortunately, it means recruiters get swamped with candidates who are not relevant to the role.


To make sure your application stands out, tailor your CV to each of the jobs you’re applying to. Include a cover letter wherever possible, and again, make sure this is tailored to the job at hand. It’s also worth personally reaching out to hiring managers and recruiters to introduce yourself. 


Highlight your soft skills


Never underestimate the value of skills like good communication, adaptability, resilience and more. These are all qualities that companies are looking for in candidates in 2021, especially following the pandemic - employers need to know that their teams can cope with change and are willing to adapt.


For more in-depth advice, download our free, 10 page e-guide which covers what to include on your CV and cover letter, how to build relationships with target employers, and how to increase your chances of getting headhunted. 

Or, reach out to us! Our dedicated consultants are more than happy to chat with you about the market and share job seeking advice with you.