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How to inspire your team by leading with purpose

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After coping with multiple lockdowns and working remotely during the pandemic, leaders and managers have adopted new strategies in listening techniques, empathetic leadership and two-way communication channels. They’re now addressing the employee experience in a more targeted way and are starting to (if they didn’t already) lead with purpose – brilliant news! 

Purposeful leaders remain focused and committed, even when up against tough times such as the COVID pandemic. Leading with purpose means you radiate energy and passion, motivating and inspiring those around you.  

This blog explores what defines purpose-driven leadership and how you can find your own purpose as a leader. 


What are the characteristics of purpose-driven leaders?  


1. Emotional connection  

Purposeful leaders have a true emotional connection towards the business, and not just in terms of financials. They place the needs of employees and the accomplishment of shared goals before themselves and leave their ego at the door. They truly care about what they do and those around them. 


2. Drive and energy  

Maintaining a healthy level of urgency towards work is critical for leading in times of uncertainty. It helps lift morale and inspires others to do the same. Leaders are responsible for creating productive environments and leading by example is key! 


3. A clear vision 

Visualising the ideal outcome and desired success is key for leading with purpose. It gives the leader in question in the power to articulate goals and aims, and having a clear direction builds trust with their team.  


4. Keeping purpose at the heart of it all  

If anything doesn’t align with the purpose or mission of the business, it is a distraction and not worth pursuing. Purposeful leaders are keen to ensure their mission and core values are followed in every sense of the business, their work and their team.  


How can you become more purposeful as a leader? 

It’s crucial to be self-aware enough to realise when you’ve lost passion for your work. You might not have realised it, but the people around you definitely will have. Feeling a lack of purpose results in less contributions to teamwork and a lack of commitment, having a ripple effect on your team and on your business. 

If you aren’t sure if you’re leading with purpose, ask yourself the following: are you interacting enough with your team in a positive way? Are you reflecting on your work? Are you talking about purpose but not actually driving action? 

Below are a few ways to become more purposeful in your day to day. 

  • Dedicate time to reflect on what you care about and how you want to spend your time at work 

  • Understand your ‘why’ and remember the reason you wanted to be a leader in the first place 

  • Identify what makes you unique to help reignite your purpose 

  • Minimise distractions and declutter your workload to hone in on what you really need to be doing 

  • Reflect on your career highlights and analyse what made them possible. How can you use those experiences in your current circumstances? 

  • Create goals in areas that put you in a position to provide service to others 


The first step to becoming more purposeful is always reflection. It’s never too late to reignite your passion and drive, but it starts with being honest with yourself and those around you. Ask for feedback and commit to becoming more purposeful and your team and business will reap the rewards. 

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