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5 Things That Do Not Belong On Your CV

5 Things That Do Not Belong On Your Cv

There are many guides available on how to write a winning CV, but what about the 5 things that do not belong on your CV? Here are the ones we think you should avoid when updating your CV.


This is simply a waste of space (and a little foolish on the candidate’s behalf). For the most part, references are checked after the interview and usually when a provisional offer (pending references) has been made. If a candidate provides references on a CV they risk a potential employer conducting off the record reference checks before they even secure an interview. This may put their current position in jeopardy but also doesn’t allow the candidate the opportunity to prove themselves. 


Typos are unforgivable in an employer or a recruiter’s eyes. They make you look lazy and your CV will come across as a rough job. It is also important to ensure that your CV is not Americanized so use "S" not 'Z".


Of all of the 5 things that do not belong on your CV. Listing your salary may prove to be a hindrance to you in many different ways, it may stop an employer from asking you to interview because they feel you are either too junior or too senior for the position. You also lose the ability to negotiate a higher salary band or to even decide for yourself that you would be willing to take a drop in your base salary to obtain other benefits that go with the role.


Nobody needs to know your lifelong ambition, let’s get straight to the point here, they take up too much space and tell the employer what they already know: you want the job.


Playing video games/yoga/walking in the park? This is one area you probably did not expect to see under things that do not belong on your CV – however, best off leaving then out, your CV is being judged on skill /education /experience. Why risk being judged on what you do in your spare time also?

However, if your hobbies are relevant to your job or what you do as a professional, that can actually enhance your credibility, so do include those.

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