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Marketers Wear Many Hats!

Nowadays marketers wear many hats, holding one of the most diversified roles in business, covering activities for ATL, TTL and BTL daily.

Marketers Wear Many Hats!

What hat do you wear? Over the last few years there has been a shift in the role of a traditional marketer, they are no longer a standalone division of a business, they are the life blood of many organisations and play a crucial role for driving awareness, engagement and profitability. In order for an individual to succeed in their role they need to wear many hats!

Do you know which ones you wear? There are six main hats to be worn that we are noticing in recent roles and responsibilities particularly within startups and SMEs; The Marketer, the Financial Pro, the Techie, the Business Analyst, the Customer Insights Expert and the Project Manager. The needs of the business will dictate the blend that is required that a marketer needs to flourish and to acquire, retain and convert potential customers. Each hat is intrinsically linked, and marketers need to up skill and learn on a continuous cycle.


The Marketer; the creative, the ideas machine!

Marketers wears many hats and a primary one is the creative hat! The marketer plays an all-encompassing role in which they must have thorough understanding of the brand and it’s message that is to be communicated to market the brand to it’s key personas. They need to be masters in knowing how to integrate their marketing message through online and offline channels to provide a seamless customer journey and experience. To be able to challenge the norms of thinking to be able to deliver unique, engaging and pioneering campaigns is of paramount importance.


The Finance Pro; the buyer, the negotiator!

With this hat it’s all about the numbers, you need to know what is realistic and sustainable for the business, and acquire services and tools in a cost effective manner. You need to be well – versed in measuring the ROI of a campaign or launch and everything along the way!


The Techie; the geek, the evangelist!

You need to be on top of the latest trends an in the know! How can you utilize current and upcoming technical tools and integrate them into your campaigns? Knowing what channels work for your brand and embracing them are key; being a digital innovator will certainly keep you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

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The Business Analyst; the regulator, the investigator!

A good analyst is needed to interpret the ever growing amounts of data being driven into the marketing department. Creating, analyzing, delivering, and providing quality control for all Excel-based reports to support brand marketing and commercial operations are fundamental to the business in order to maintain and grow market share. Wearing this hat means that you need to identify successful brand marketing, sales habits, and trends, as well as complete a return on investment analysis.


The Customer Insights Expert; the interpreter, the journey mapper!

Knowing the customer intricacies through a qualitative and quantitative looking glass. Wearing this hat helps you to make informed decisions to guide strategies and policies, to allocate budget, to change behaviours and to inform service design. Getting insight in to the customer journeys and patterns will play a pivotal role in planning for the future.


The Project Manager; the chief, the captain!

Wearing your PM hat will drive efficiency to ensure all your campaigns are kept on course in terms of time, spend and resources. Keeping all your other personalities/ hats in check and creating a magical blend that will help you leverage all of your assets is central to this role.

All marketers wear many hats of varying sizes for varying lengths of time depending on the business life-cycle, knowing what to wear and when to wear it is the most important skill of the lot!!


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