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Need a new employee, but you’re not sure how to find the ideal candidate? We can help you with all aspects of recruitment from talent attraction, employee engagement, employee retention, and succession planning. We have dedicated teams on hand to help you find the very best people.

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What we offer OUR CLIENTS

Every company has different business and recruitment needs. Our recruitment consultants will develop a unique and comprehensive candidate acquisition strategy, just for you. By creating a bespoke solution, we are able to deliver the right people to fill your most in-demand and critical workforce openings.

Our proven track record and system of selecting and screening the best people in the industry allow us to deliver higher quality candidates to your company, when you need them. Our experienced recruitment consultants use their personal networks, industry knowledge, and the most intuitive data to identify matches that fit the values, culture, and vision of both candidates and companies to ensure you’re receiving the best people on the market.

We also value the relationships that we build with our clients and their decision makers. Our mission is to not only source top candidates for your unique workforce needs, but also create a long-lasting partnership to assist and provide guidance to help you achieve your most important business goals

Our Sectors

Our sectors

Of course, your business requires a very specific type of employee depending on the sector in which you operate.

Our dedicated team of recruitment consultants builds relationships with our clients and the industry’s best to ensure that the candidate's background and professional experience will be a solid fit for niche roles, from technical to director-level positions, across a variety of industries.

Engineering & Life Sciences

Finding the best people for your engineering and life sciences functions requires a deep understanding of your organisation and its industry. Our consultants have technical backgrounds and they have first-hand experience working with the highest performing people in these fields. Additionally, they have a proven track record of success in locating and sourcing the best pharmaceutical leaders and specialists with the specific qualifications and training required to complete your projects on budget and on time.

Supply Chain & Procurement

We recruit for end-to-end supply chain functions at local, regional, and global levels covering a wide range of sectors including Life Science, FMCG, OEM, technology, and services. We source supply chain talent from specialist levels all the way up to VP/Executive Director. We also offer competitive business services across contingent, interim, and executive search across all end-to-end supply chain functions. 

IT, Operations and Sales

Working in a Sales & Operations role means being tasked with optimising the team's processes, overseeing sales data, maintaining reports and implementing more efficient ways of working. We have worked extensively with companies of all sizes to find talented experts who can help their business grow.

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Our Services

Whether you’re in need of hiring and onboarding assistance or if you require a full staffing solutions partner, we’re ready to guide your HR strategy where it’s most needed. Take a look at our portfolio of services below to help you achieve the optimal synergy in your workforce.

Featured Opportunities

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Your most critical business functions require that you have the best possible candidates in the industry available to you. Our featured opportunities section allows us to highlight your most in-demand and necessary roles. Here are a few examples of the types of opportunities we’re currently showcasing for our clients.


If you’re looking for assistance with finding Ireland's brightest talent – we’re here to help you! Whether its to fill a specialist job, hire at a senior-level, or you’re just after some advice.

Send us an enquiry using our contact form, and then a relevant member of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Industry Partnerships

We pride ourselves on the partnerships we’ve developed with professionals at some of Europe’s biggest and best digital marketing and Data Science industry events. For instance,  we connected with some of the world’s best digital marketers at Learn Inbound, a two-day conference held annually in Dublin.

We’ve also joined forces with data scientists at Predict to learn about the current state of technology and how data and AI are driving innovation like never before. Finally, our annual DatSci Awards (Data Science & AI Awards) event honours and celebrates the best of the best in the blossoming data community in Ireland and across Europe.

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